We offer custom metal fabrication of Light Boxes, Kiosks, Digital and Interactive Displays, and a wide variety of other architectural devices and elements. Our custom metal Fabrication capabilities include the use of Stainless Steel, Steel, Aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.  Please call or e-mail to us with details of your specific requirements.

We offer the capability to press, brake, shear, roll and/or bend custom fabrications during the manufacturing process.  Our experts are available to advise you on cost, durability and production time to help you choose the proper material for your fabrication needs.  Our in-house welding is highly skilled to give you the look and durability that you need for any light box, kiosk, digital or interactive display.  We also offer 5-Axis Water-Jet and 5-Axis CNC Router Machines to provide you with fabrication versatility and functionality.  Again, this helps with turn around and budgetary concerns. With in-house capabilities, your project will be kept on time and on-budget.

Let our knowledgeable staff provide you with the know how to create the exact look and feel that is perfect for your company.  We are available thru a simple e-mail or phone call to get you started on the perfect custom fabrication needs for your company.