icon1problem solving.

We carefully evaluate any given project and work with our clients to identify, prioritize, and select the best solutions for execution. Our staff has over 50 years of combined knowledge and experience to come up with effective ideas to bring your project to life.


We believe that the key to any successful project is collaboration.  Collaborating allows us to not only speed up the timeline on projects, but it creates a synergistic environment where trust is built with our clients.


We have the capability of providing turn-key designs for heavy-duty metal fabrication and assembly services.  Our designers provide custom fabricated components that are aesthetically superior and cost effect for our clients.


The Creative Services Industry is continually challenged to create visually stunning environments, while adhering to their client’s budget and corporate philosophies. Monster Route can help differentiate our clients from their competitors by providing the cutting edge, premium products at fair and reasonable prices. Monster Route produces most items in house, avoiding the need to outsource to other vendors and avoiding costly mark ups. Providing most stunning products with shorter turn around times and streamlined project management – that’s the Monster Route difference.


Centrally located in the Silicon Valley, we have the capability to produce spectacular wide-format images and fabricate stunning finished products.  Our facility is equipped with advanced printing technologies and cutting edge machinery, including our most recently acquired 5-axis Water-Jet Cutting machine.  The acquisition of this exceptionally versatile machine, in addition with our other equipment, allows us to create and produce one-of-a-kind products that are tailored to your specific needs.