We offer our clients streamlined, cost-effective, and quality solutions to ​their most challenging project.  From initial design concept, to fabrication details, ​ construction and all the way down to installation, we at Monster Route are committed to offering our clients a ​ true​ one-stop-shop for virtually any and all of your needs.  With a wide array of capabilities​ and a well-equipped facility​, clients like Autodesk, Uber, Verizon​, Juniper Networks, Oracle,  and the University of Oregon, ​have looked to us to literally take​ their concept on​ paper and turn it into an elaborate, fully functioning, ​finished product. With over 50 years of combined experience, Monster Route has the knowledge and capability to take anything you dream up and bring it to reality.


Facility: Miscellaneous 1

Facility: Miscellaneous 2

Facility: Shear 1

Facility: Router 1

Facility: HPUV 1

Facility: HDTE 1


Centrally located in the Silicon Valley, we have the capability to produce spectacular wide-format images and fabricate stunning finished products.  Our facility is equipped with advanced printing technologies and cutting edge machinery, which allows us to create and produce one-of-a-kind products that are tailored to your specific needs.


Fabrication: Jordan Exhibit

Fabrication: Welding 1

Fabrication: Miscellaneous 1

Fabrication: Miscellaneous 2

Fabrication: Miscellaneous 3


Fabrication: SFO FIDS 1

MR Fabrication-86

Fabrication: Miscellaneous 4

MR Fabrication-79

Fabrication: SFO FIDS 2

MR Fabrication-82

Fabrication: SFO FIDS 3

MR Fabrication-83

Fabrication: SFO FIDS 4

MR Fabrication-84

Fabrication: SFO FIDS Drawer 1

MR Fabrication-85

Fabrication: SFO FIDS Drawer 2

MR Fabrication-91

Fabrication: Miscellaneous 5

MR Fabrication-99

Fabrication: Miscellaneous 6

MR Fabrication-95

Fabrication: Graining

MR Fabrication-93

Fabrication: Uber Ceiling Box

MR Fabrication-123

Fabrication: Welding 2

MR Fabrication-121

Fabrication: SFO FIDS 5

MR Fabrication-119

Fabrication: Grinding

MR Fabrication-116

Fabrication: SFO FIDS 6

MR Fabrication-115

Fabrication: Miscellaneous 6

MR Fabrication-100

Fabrication: Miscellaneous 7

MR Fabrication-101

Fabrication: SFO FIDS 7

MR Fabrication-102

Fabrication: SFO FIDS 8

MR Fabrication-104


We specialize in custom sheet metal fabrication, with a focus on stainless steel fabrication and aluminum fabrication, bringing extraordinary concepts to fruition using state-of-the-art machinery.  Our line of machinery includes press brake, shearing, cutting, welding, and our most recently acquired 5-axis water-jet machine and 5-axis CNC router.




Tourneau Clock Tower

MR Fabrication-3

3-Sided Kiosk

MR Fabrication-29

Dinoc Installation



MR Fabrication-121


In addition to the fabrication and imaging services we offer, we can also offer to provide you with top-notch, professional installation.  We are a California C-45 Licensed Contractor equipped to perform top-notch install services of all of our products including window film, wall covering, and 3M Certified DiNoc installations.

Minority & Woman Owned Small Business

California C-45 Sign License #972826